Five Interior Colours That Could Decrease the Value of Your Home

Five Interior Colours That Could Decrease the Value of Your Home

The UK’s most hated colour palette has been revealed. Here are some colours you may want to steer clear of when getting your home ready to sell…

If you’re planning to sell your home, you may be thinking about updating the colour scheme. A fresh lick of paint on the interior of your home can make a big difference when impressing potential buyers.

However, while a well-chosen colour scheme will raise the value of your home, not all paint trends are beneficial to its value. Some colour choices can depreciate the value of your home.

According to a new study by Rated People, some of the most popular interior design colours can reduce the value of your home by up to 52%. *

So, to help you achieve the best possible asking price when selling your home, here’s some of the less popular paint colours to avoid if you want to give your house maximum appeal to buyers.


  1. Mid Green

Green is a very popular colour in 2022, with many using it to enliven spaces in their home. However, keep in mind that not all shades of green will appeal to your potential buyers, and you may want to avoid mid to dark greens when painting the outside of your home.

This is because colours that blend in with the surroundings of your home can appear unpleasant. Extremely dark green tones will make it harder for your home to stand out to potential buyers.

Instead, selecting certain features of your home to incorporate green, such as a feature wall or painting porch accents, is a good way to boost the value of your home, giving it more of an earthy feel. Alternatively, placing plants in your home can help to bring out the softer tones on your walls.

  1. Dark Brown

When it comes to putting your house on the market, dark browns are a big no-no. Dark brown is undesirable on a wall because people associate it with ‘dirt’ and it could clash with wooden furniture and make your space feel dark and dingy.

If you want a rich, neutral colour palette, you may still use brown, but milder shades of brown are a great alternative when mixed with neutral grey colours.

  1. Citrus/Lime Green

Although citrus green is likely to liven up your home, it’s not what homebuyers want to see. Bright tones of green may make your home appear neon, and you risk making your property look too loud and putting your potential buyers off.

Whilst a dark-looking colour might make your property look unattractive, excessively bright colours can be a disaster when it comes to your property’s value.

  1. Yellow

Yellow is one of the more controversial interior design colours; some people love it and find it brightening, while others hate it. However, if you’re selling, shade choice is crucial. Soft, pastel yellows can be appealing to your potential buyers, but avoid the brightest yellows, which can be overpowering in a home. If you’re unsure about what tones of yellow will appeal to your viewers, avoid taking risks and play it safe with a neutral colour.

  1. Black

Another love it or hate it colour, black is a colour that should be avoided. Even though black living room concepts have been popular for some years, black should be reserved for small accents in the room, used for the desired effect.

When potential buyers are coming to view your property, keep in mind that neutral is usually the best option. If you’re getting your home market-ready, keep in mind that black is a daring and dramatic choice for interior design.


What can you do to maximise the appeal of your property?

So, we’ve covered what palettes you may want to avoid, but what colours can you use to maximise the appeal of your home?

Home sellers should opt for neutral tones such as beige, grey, and off-white when repainting their home. These colours may appear slightly dull at first, but you’re aiming to appeal to as many people as possible.

Dark, bright, or vivid colour schemes can make your rooms feel cramped, stuffy, and uninviting. On the other hand, light colour choices can make your property feel open and spacious and can act as a blank canvas for potential buyers.

Also, having fewer difficult design decisions to deal with can simplify the selling process.


Looking for more tips to help you with a quick and easy sale? Contact our expert agents, who are more than happy to help.

*According to a Study by Rated People