How to get your property ready for professional photos

How to get your property ready for professional photos
When it comes to taking photographs, most of us are used to a smart phone point-and-shoot process.

But that simply won't cut it when thinking about how to take pictures to sell your house. The way your home is presented in its marketing photographs is the most important element when aiming to drive buyer interest and create that 'wow' factor to get viewers through the door.

So put down the selfie stick and grab a proper camera as we reveal how to take pictures to sell your house.


Remember, people want to buy your home, not what's in it. So clear out anything that doesn't add a little zing to the space before you push the button on the camera.

"Remove clutter like paperwork, clothes or any items unnecessary for the photo," says Craig Pearson of Parkers Reading.

"Also, it pays to remove or reduce the number of personal and religious items visible in a photo - things like family photos, children's toys, bins and fridge magnets! Try to make the property look like a display home."


This is where a tripod can help keep things steady - particularly when photographing from the optimum angle just inside the doorway of a room.

Also, don't be afraid to shoot from just above the floor - it can help create clean lines and your photographs will look more like those you purr over in magazines if your camera is set around 40 inches from the ground. And keep your camera straight on - tilting up or down can distort those clean lines.

"Straighten furniture and linen," says Craig. "Creating crisp, clean lines can do wonders for a room. Also, shift furniture to frame and image better or make a room appear larger."



Any photographer, professional or otherwise, should know that natural light is the best way to show off an image.

Almost all cameras today are adept at shooting in low-light conditions so there should be no need to switch on that flash.

Depending on the time of day, you can create a warmth or softness to your home by using natural sunlight to your advantage.

"Open all the blinds and switch on side lights, rather than main room lights, later in the day as this can create a feeling of warmth," says Craig. "You want as much light in rooms as possible to be able to get the best, most natural pictures."


Take plenty of pictures of each room so you have a good choice of images and ensure you get shots of each of your home's best selling points.

"In addition to the above factors when taking internal and external shots," adds Craig, "the minimum photo angles you should want to include in your marketing material are the front and rear exterior of the property, the kitchen, living and dining areas, the largest bathroom, master bedroom, second bedroom and patio area."

"If you have a balcony or stunning view to show off, make sure you also get these shots, as well as a pool or spa area photo if you are lucky enough to have them!"

"It's important to remember that all these images should tell the story of your home and add value to the property. You want to show off as many features as possible in the most appealing way."

For more tips and advice on getting your home ready to sell, speak to your local Parkers office today.