Nine great home improvement ideas on a budget

Nine great home improvement ideas on a budget

Whether you’re a buyer and you’ve just purchased a new home or you’re a landlord looking to improve your rental property to attract better tenants, one thing will be at the forefront of your thinking: Budget.

It’s possible to add value to your home without breaking the bank, though – if you know how.

But which home improvements add the most value? Here are nine great home improvement ideas to get you started…


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Even if your budget is tight, that doesn’t need to deter you from making the most of your property’s best features.


1 Improve those first impressions

What’s the first thing anyone sees when they visit your property? In fact, what’s the first thing you see every time you arrive home?

That’s right, your property’s exterior.

Thanks to the confusing UK weather, property exteriors do, unfortunately, take a bit of a beating.

But you can protect your home’s appearance as well as make it appealing for only a very small cost.

If your windows have seen better days, consider uPVC frames if they suit your property. If you’re lucky enough to own a period home, consider stripping back wood or metal frames and repainting with strong, weather-proof paint or varnish.

After the winter, there’s a strong chance your home will look dirty if it’s painted, but you can hire a pressure washer for extremely reasonable prices to clean up your home and driveways or patios.


2 Give your walls a refresh

Your walls are one of the most important parts of your home when it comes to its internal appearance.

And the good news is you can improve them by spending only a small amount of money.

Depending on how smooth your walls are, consider a fresh lick of paint. If your walls are a little bumpy due to years of decoration and you don’t want to splash out for a plasterer, you could look at new wallpaper.

Even if you need to hire a decorator to do these jobs, it will cost a fraction of what you could spend on major improvements at your home.


3 Breathe life into your kitchen

The kitchen really is the heart of the home and in 2020, the popularity of large open-plan kitchen diners is going nowhere.

But even if you don’t have that kind of space available and can’t stretch to spending a pretty penny on an extension and new kitchen, there’s still plenty you can do to make your kitchen shine.

One way is by giving your kitchen cabinets a facelift.

Wooden cabinets can usually be painted and adding some new handles can make a huge difference to the feel of your kitchen.


4 Switch your worktops

Although changing your kitchen’s worktop will clearly cost more than simply updating your cabinets, it may be required if you do decide to do the latter.

You could consider faux marble or faux wood, but even a simple laminate worktop could make a huge difference to your kitchen’s look and feel.

Including installation, you should be able to find yourself a worktop befitting of your new-look kitchen for around the £700 to £1,000 mark.


5 A simple way to liven up your stairs

If your house is laid out in a traditional way then your stairs may be the first thing you (and visitors) see when stepping inside.

If so, you should be looking to make a real impression – and you can do so on a budget.

Whether you have wooden stairs or they’re carpeted, a stylish, colourful stair runner can really add something special.

And the best thing? They’re available for only a few hundred pounds.


6 New blinds and curtains

Bare windows, or even windows with curtains that have seen better days can really drag your home’s best rooms down.

But for only a small cost, you can bring them back to life with new blinds, curtains or even shutters if you’re budget is a little more flexible.

The curtains and blinds industry is as competitive as ever so shop around and you’ll be certain to find a bargain.


7 Shelving for storage and show

Storage is important to everyone, whether you’re living in a home or searching for a new one.

But when it comes to shelving, it’s adding both storage and visual appeal.

Shelves full of books or even corner shelves to make the most of awkward spaces can really add a special touch to a living room.


8 Add some power to your shower

When it comes to home improvements you’ll get the benefit from every day, your bathroom is up there with your kitchen.

Like a new kitchen, though, a new bathroom can be a costly renovation to take on.

So, if your shower is running on low water pressure, consider adding a pump to boost it.

Shower pumps cost around £250, plus installation costs, so for less than £500 you could make a real improvement for a reasonably small cost.


9 Add some panelling

If you’re looking for a little more impact that paint or wallpaper can provide, you could consider wall panelling.

In period homes, panelling can really add something special, but even in more modern houses it can make a huge difference to a room without a clear feature.

Professionally fitted wall panelling can cost up to £1,000 for a feature wall, but is certainly money well spent in the right room.