Three Quarters of House Hunters Say a Garden is Their Top Priority *

Three Quarters of House Hunters Say a Garden is Their Top Priority *

It is no secret that the consecutive Covid-19 lockdowns have caused a shift in what homebuyers are looking for in their properties.

Though, it may be interesting to learn that gardens and outdoor spaces have rocketed to the top of homebuyers’ wish lists.

Demand for outdoor space has now surpassed demand for kitchen-dining areas and en-suite bedrooms, both of which have long been the most desired amenities in home searches.

An important factor contributing to the increase in demand for unique outdoor spaces is the fact that gardens create a sense of escapism and relaxation to those who use them.

It came as no surprise to industry experts that gardens topped the list of homeowners’ priorities, with those without sufficient outdoor space reporting that they felt a little ‘hemmed in’ during the country’s full lockdown.


Gardening has numerous advantages and has become a popular recreational activity for people of all ages.


Reports indicate that being immersed in nature positively impacts our physical, emotional and mental health.

Research has suggested that this boils down to the combination of fresh air, physical exercise and, most interestingly, productive results.

According to survey respondents, having the ability to unwind in a setting that you have created is a significant factor in why they appreciate spending time in the garden, which is another driving force behind the demand for outdoor home space.

Experts refer to the above trend as having a ‘fifth room’, which involves a distortion between the inside and outside, allowing people to have more space to appreciate.

Additionally, the number of people who cultivate their own fruit and vegetables, as well as those who use environmentally friendly goods such as peat-free compost, has increased in the United Kingdom. This demonstrates yet another advantage of the pandemic-induced trend towards more garden space.


Do you want to spend more time in your garden in spring? If so, read on.


We have now officially entered the spring season.

Many homeowners can spend more time outdoors now that the weather is beginning to improve.

If you want to make the most of your garden in spring, we've included some suggestions to assist you in doing so.

  • 1) Take up gardening

This should come as no surprise given what we've already discussed about the good aspects of gardening.

You should be able to plant herbs, flowers, and veggies outside as soon as the weather becomes mild enough.

The restocking of fruit and vegetable seeds is now taking place in many stores. Because the directions are usually on the packet, planting is considerably simpler than you may imagine!

  • 1) Practice mindfulness

Many practice meditation inside.

However, professionals have suggested that meditating outside may be much more relaxing.

You will find yourself relaxing to the sounds of nature, which will allow you to unwind much more quickly than usual.

3) Take your reading and writing outside.

Following the epidemic, remote working has become increasingly popular, and many people are finding themselves confined to a desk for the most of their working day.

Despite this, you are not required to work inside all day!

You'll be all set if you have a comfy table and chair, as well as some shade to sit under.

It has been discovered that being outside can inspire creativity, therefore you may still be on the verge of producing your best work!


Are you ready to begin your search for a property with an attractive garden space? Our property specialists will gladly assist you.


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