How to: Embrace your garden and nourish your body and soul

How to: Embrace your garden and nourish your body and soul

Deb from our Swindon office has SO many great ideas for making the most of your home and embracing its potential. In this post Deb explores the amazing health benefits waiting for us in our own back garden! 

What most of us look forward to about summer is finally having chance to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether it's getting out and about, or making the most of our gardens, summer brings a whole world of possibilities and generally makes us feel good!

As Alan Titchmarsh says, 'If you want to feel better, get out into a garden'. 

The National Trust agrees and commissioned a report 'Space to Grow - Why people need gardens.' They also asked the general public for their thoughts and came up with some interesting statistics.

- Over 70% of the population think spending time in gardens is important for their quality of life

- 80% believe children should learn about gardening and growing at school

- 68% think gardens are important as they provide an opportunity to unwind/relax

- One in 3 consider gardens romantic places which can give your love life a boost

Fiona Reynolds, Director General of the National Trust, said: 'In today's fast-paced world, finding space and time to unwind is becoming ever more crucial. Nowhere does this better than the quiet corner of a garden, or park that gives us the chance to breathe in our natural surroundings and refresh our weary spirit.'

So what are the benefits of spending time in your garden?

Full Body Workout - Different muscle groups are activated when you work in the garden  - whether it's your arms and shoulders when digging/lifting, your legs when mowing, or your fingers and wrists when planting and weeding. 

Stress Buster - Focusing on the task at hand, whether it's weeding, planting or deadheading, requires concentration. You automatically forget your worries and irritations because gardening becomes all-consuming. 

Family Time - There's a task for everyone in the garden. Little ones can put grass clippings in a sack, teenagers can mow the lawn and grandparents can do a spot of deadheading. Nothing beats spending time together outdoors.

Healthy Eating - Growing your own fruit and veg provides a reliable source of healthy food. Plus, home-grown food tastes better - and saves on your shopping bill! 

Attract Wildlife - If you tend to your garden, you'll notice birds come in search of worms and insects, while bees and butterflies will come in search of nectar. 

Good For The Soul Gardens connect us with nature. They remind us there are seasons, nature needs time to grow, and that patience will be rewarded. A garden is a wonderful antidote to the fast-paced world in which we live. 

So make the most of what Britain's weather has to offer this summer and get outside as much as possible. Your garden will thank you for it and so will your soul.

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