How to Increase the Number of Viewings on Your Property

How to Increase the Number of Viewings on Your Property

Selling your home can be a daunting thought, due to the overwhelming amount of planning and thought that goes into the process. Selling may also be more stressful if you haven’t had many viewings on your property, or if your home has been on the market for longer than you anticipated.

If your property is well-marketed and presented, you are likely to attract more attention to your home, increasing the number of viewings and offers you will receive. However, the longer your house sits on the market without receiving any offers, the less likely buyers are to offer you the asking price. So, before it gets to this stage, you and your estate agent may take some efforts to encourage more viewings for your property.

So, we have created a list of helpful tips to improve the number of viewings for your property, helping you to have a smooth, stress-free sale:

Boost your Kerb Appeal

The Kerb Appeal of your house is the first impression given while standing on the kerb and can make your viewer fall in love at first sight with your property.

The outside appearance of your home may deter or encourage people to continue looking at the listing, not just for those who are passing by in person, but for those browsing your property online.

Taking care of your lawn and front garden will increase your kerb appeal. Make sure the lawn is moved, the weeds are plucked, and the flower beds and shrubs are well looked after. Remove any debris, such as leaves or fallen branches, and ensure you have repaired any damages to the outside of your property. This will make your house look rejuvenated and clean, further enhancing your viewers ability to picture themselves living in their ‘dream home’.

Use Professional Photos

It’s crucial to remember that potential buyers are looking for a home that they can picture themselves living in. A cluttered and untidy home with limited furniture doesn’t arouse much in the way of imagining a lifestyle.

People who take their own photos for their listing wind up with dark, dingy, or blurry shots, which are unlikely to stand out against other properties online. Your images are a vital part of your property’s marketing, and they should be eye-catching and appealing. Your home should be appropriately reflected in these photos, otherwise no one will want to view it in person. It’s well worth your money, to hire a professional to create photos that will make your viewer fall in love with your property. This may seem like more effort; however, it will significantly help to increase the number of viewings for your property, encouraging a higher sale price.

Make Your Listing Look Perfect

When it comes to drawing people to your property listing when it is seen online, the fundamentals are so crucial. Your listing should look flawless – photos should be scaled correctly for the website, titles should be free of typos, and descriptions should be complete. In addition, the title and description should be well-written and devoid of marketing jargon.

We recognise that engaging and appealing descriptions, as well as a strong call to action, may make all the difference encouraging people to learn more or call us to schedule a viewing.