How to Increase the Number of Viewings for Your Property

How to Increase the Number of Viewings for Your Property

The process of selling your home can be daunting simply because there is so much to consider and plan. It can be especially stressful if you aren’t getting enough viewings on your property, and when you’ve had your home listed for sale for a while, that stress can rise.


Homes that are well-marketed and presented will get more viewings and, therefore, receive offers from interested buyers. The longer your property stays on the market without any offers, the less chance you have of getting any without taking drastic measures, such as reducing the price of the property. So, before it reaches that point, there are some steps that both you and your estate agent of choice can take to entice people to view it and to get your property sold faster. With this in mind, we have created a handy guide to help you attract more property viewings.


Improve Your Kerb Appeal

The "kerb appeal" of your property, i.e., the first impression made when standing on the kerb, plays a big role in garnering interest from potential buyers, not just for those who are passing by in person, but for those browsing your listing online. How your property looks on the outside can either deter or encourage people to continue looking at the listing and help them decide whether or not to come and view it in person.


You can improve your kerb appeal by taking care of your lawn and front garden. Make sure the grass is cut, weeds are pulled, and flower beds and shrubs are tidy and groomed. Also, make sure to remove any debris like leaves or fallen branches. Fixing any damage can help, too, like repairing roof tiles that have blown away, mending broken gutters, or fixing window shutters. A fresh coat of paint on any woodwork may also be required if the paint is peeling or worn, as it makes the home look refreshed and clean.


Use Professional Staging and Photos

It’s important to keep in mind that potential buyers are looking for a property they can see themselves in and call home. A house empty of furniture doesn’t evoke much in the way of imagining a lifestyle, and similarly, a messy or dishevelled home can give off a bad impression. Clearing away clutter and having a professional stage your furniture can do wonders for your potential buyers trying to imagine life in their new home.


It’s also common for people using online agencies to attempt to take their own photos of their property for the listing and end up with dark, dingy, or even blurry images. Without the right equipment or photography know-how, the photos won’t stack up against other listings. Your photos are a crucial part of the marketing of your property, and they need to be eye-catching and attractive. Your home should be accurately represented in these images; otherwise, no one will be interested in coming to see it in person. The investment in professional photography to help sell your home is worth it. We ensure we always cover the best angles and showcase your property to the highest standards through our photos.


Make Your Property Listing Look Flawless

The fundamentals of your property listing when it is seen online are so important in attracting viewers. At the most basic level, your listing should look perfect—photos should be sized properly for the website, titles should be typo-free, and descriptions should be filled out in full. Furthermore, the title and description need to be well-written and free of marketing jargon.


We understand that interesting and compelling descriptions can make all the difference, alongside a strong call to action, which will encourage viewers to click to read more or call us to book a viewing.