Looking to avoid common household issues during the cold weather?

Looking to avoid common household issues during the cold weather?

Broken boilers, shedding paint and mould growth on the ceiling are amongst the most common household problems many of us homeowners are likely to face throughout colder months. Although autumn is the festive season of Halloween, it’s also the time of the year when homes are vulnerable to potential problems.

A recent source has examined Google Trends data from September 2020 to March 2021, to find out which common household problems you are most likely to face during the autumn and winter period. * Your home is most likely your most valuable asset, so be sure to protect it where you can.


Here are some pointers on how you can get your home ready:


Peeling paint

Peeling and cracking paint happens when the surface hasn't been prepared properly. Last autumn and winter, this issue had a monthly search increase of 675%, with many Brits considering it to be the most common interior issue during the colder months.

This can easily be prevented with proper insulation, moisture barriers and enough ventilation to support condensation. Other than that, it could also be worth investing in paints formulated for cold weather to ensure your walls don’t peel when the temperatures plunge.


Boiler breakdowns

Another common issue is boiler breakdowns, with monthly Google searches growing by a huge 489%. Regardless of how much you try to prevent it from happening, your boiler is most likely to break down during the colder months of the year, leaving you without heat and hot water. It’s best to get a quote from a boiler repair expert to start the troubleshooting process, other than determining the problem yourself, which will most likely put people in your property at danger without being Gas Safe registered, stated Alex Ion, a spokesperson at Heatingforce.co.uk.


Gutter problems

‘Clear up your downspouts, troughs and rain chains before the temperature falls, enabling water to flow out quickly which prevents freezing,’ stated Alex. He also advised ‘installing heating devices in the gutter troughs which will help in preventing ice dams from forming’.


Mould growth

During the colder months, your home could raise mould, and ensuring there is a good flow of air circulation will help you to control moisture. You can do this by opening a window when showering, cooking and washing up, or acting quickly if you notice a build-up of condensation. Dehumidifiers are also great investments for properties prone to mould growth.


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