Step Into Style with 4 Ways to Remodel and Renovate Your Stairs

Step Into Style with 4 Ways to Remodel and Renovate Your Stairs
This guest post on remodelling your stairs is written by Aedan Kiernan from Wood Finishes Direct, who are specialists in both interior and exterior wood finishing products.
When it comes to stylish home renovations, our stairs are often very much over looked, in favour of kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. However, with a little imagination, you can prevent a tired and old set of stairs from blending into the background, and instead transform it into a statement piece for your home. What's more, a rejuvenated staircase could even be something to encourage potential buyers, and turn guests green with envy.

So what exactly can you do to renovate your stairs, and give them a new lease of life?

Stairs are a huge part of our homes, and something most of us use on a daily basis. Unfortunately when it comes to remodelling and decorating, stairs are often overlooked. A tired and old set of stairs can blend into the background, while a rejuvenated set of stairs can become a feature of your home, and something to encourage potential buyers and turn guests green with envy. So what can you do to renovate your stairs, and give them a new lease if life?

Wood Treatments for Stairs

Wood has an unbeatable natural beauty, with the grain and knots adding unparalleled character. You may wish to preserve this natural look, and use this as a focal point when renovating your stairs. There is an array of wood finishes for stairs available to help with renovation, whilst bringing out the best in the wood, with 3 main finishes, stains, oils and varnishes. Stains add colour and enhance the wood, bringing out the natural grain. Although, just remember a stain has no protective qualities, and should be coated with an oil or varnish.

Oils tends to come in a satin, matt or gloss finish, and they soak into the wood, which will protect your stairs from general wear and tear. With regards to appearance, oils will add some colour and give a natural looking finish. Varnishes will give the same effect as oils while enhancing the grain, but provide an outer layer of protection, which is often a hard coating, ideal for a busy family with a lot of tread. Bonus point: Always read the safety instructions before using any products, to prevent harm or injury.

Painting Ideas

If you fancy injecting some brighter colours and making a bold statement in your hallway, you can renovate your stairs with a lick of paint. Just make sure that it's hardwearing enough to withstand the bumps and scuff which a high foot fall area will attract.

Top Tip: Depending on the paint you choose, and the effect which you are aiming to achieve, have a chat with a paint specialist about whether you would benefit from applying a primer first, this will work it's magic to stop the paint from simply soaking straight into the wood. Also, make sure you allow the primer to completely dry, before using sandpaper to create your perfect base coat.

Remember - if you're sanding, wear a dust mask to prevent any inhalation of wood dust and when painting make sure there is a good airflow to remove any harmful fumes While you can just paint your stairs one colour, why not get creative with your remodelling? Paint each riser or tread a different colour, use stencils to write quotes from your favourite book or your most loved song lyrics on each step or paint fake runners.

You could even experiment by incorporating both painted and wooden finishes, by just painting the risers and leaving the tread in all its glory. The list of possibilities is endless, and Pinterest is full of inspiration!


Alternatively, carpet may be a more suitable option for injecting some style into your stairs with a lot less hassle. Add a beautiful runner, perhaps one with some funky geometric patterns to make a real statement, just make sure you secure its position with a modern stair rod.

Under Stair Storage

As homeowners, we know storage space is a premium, but it can be hard to find. Stairs take up a huge part of your house, but the space under the stairs often goes underutilised. Why not transform this alcove into some slick storage space? Although it might seem simple, there is potential for extremely dangerous mistakes to occur. When using any sharp tools ensure you are wearing appropriate safety gear.

There are many possibilities with staircase renovation, and with the right idea and a shedload of motivation, you can turn an old, tired staircase into a feature and a focal selling point for your home. For more inspiration on renovating your home check out our other articles 5 Ways to Make the Most of your Conservatory and The Magic of the Rug.

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