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How to boost your home’s kerb appeal

First impressions really count – especially if you’re selling your home.

Many buyers will form a strong opinion of your property before they’ve even walked through the front door, so it’s hugely important to make sure they’re blown away as soon as they pull up outside ahead of a viewing.

So, how do you boost your home’s kerb appeal? Here are some great ideas on what you can do to make that amazing first impression with buyers

How important is kerb appeal to buyers?

Very important!

And if you needed more confirmation of just how important kerb appeal is to potential buyers, a survey from the HomeOwners Alliance revealed that 68% felt it was a major factor that influenced their decision-making.

Front entrance ideas to give your home’s kerb appeal a lift

The front of your property will almost certainly be the first thing buyers’ eyes focus in on.

So, this is a great opportunity to get them purring about the rest of your home before they’ve even set foot inside.

1. An eye-catching front door

Your front door is your best chance to add a pop of colour to the front of your property – but it’s important you choose wisely.

If you have a uPVC front door, you could consider upgrading it for a modern, coloured version.

But if you have a wooden door, consider giving it a lick of fresh paint that’s in keeping with your property’s style.

For instance, if you have a period home, a rich blue or deep green may bring out the best of it.

2. Think about planting

Impactful plant pots either side of your front door can not only provide some additional colour to your property’s exterior, but they can also create symmetry.

Again, pick pots that work with the other aspects of your property’s exterior and opt for low-maintenance, hardy ferns or conifers.

3. A decorative door knocker

Sometimes, it’s the small touches that make the biggest impact.

If you’ve already wowed your potential buyers with a great initial impression of your property, you should carry it on when they reach your front door.

Consider a decorative knocker to really bring your front door to life.

Improve your kerb appeal with these front garden ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have a front garden, it can be a great opportunity to show off your property to buyers.

Consider these front garden ideas to give your home the wow factor…

1. Grand pathways

A pathway surrounded by planting can create a stunning entrance to your property.

Always consider your potential buyers when designing paths, however.

If your potential buyers are older, steps down to your front door might not be a good idea, while high-maintenance planting and lawn areas could be off-putting for younger buyers.

2.Think about practicality

Bins are a fact of life, but they can be unsightly – especially to buyers arriving to view your property.

Consider creating a bespoke bin store, which not only keeps your bins out of sight, but could also be used for additional planting or pots.

3. Light up your space

If you’re selling up in the darker months, lighting can be a great way to add impact to a late afternoon viewing.

Down lights can make your property feel grand, while pathway lights are not only a pretty addition, but they’re practical, too.

Great small front garden inspiration

Having a smaller front garden space doesn’t mean you can’t create a ‘wow’ moment for buyers when they arrive to view your home.

In fact, smaller garden spaces can be more appealing to many people, due to the low maintenance required to keep them looking pristine.

1. Keep things simple and tidy

If you own a period property, showing off its traditional exterior to buyers is key.

So, consider minimal, simple planting that doesn’t act as a distraction and throw down some aggregates for contrast and texture.

2. Factor in privacy

Although making your small front garden visually appealing to buyers is a big factor in your property’s kerb appeal, you should also consider privacy requirements.

Busy streets lined with other properties can sometimes put off buyers on arrival, but by creating some shielding through tall plants, you’ll show that you’ve taken their needs into consideration.

3. Make the best of original features

The appeal of period properties lies in their original features – and this is as important outside as it is indoors.

Take time to maintain things like Victorian tiled pathways or sash windows so they’re looking their best ahead of viewings, as these features can really stand out and make an incredible impression in small front gardens.

How can I improve the front of my property?

Here are 10 easy DIY jobs you can do to make a big impact on your property’s front entrance:

1. Jet wash pathways, driveways and your property’s exterior if your render is looking a little green

2. Give your front door a fresh coat of paint

3. Clean down your front windows and repaint wooden frames

4. Trim back hedging and mow your front lawn

5. Clean down and clear guttering

6. Add a new house number or name plate

7. Paint or stain your fences

8. Add trellis to your front fence and some climbing plants

9. Paint or clean down your garage door

10. Add a security light to the front of your property

And if you’re also looking to make improvements to the inside of your home, here are another 10 DIY jobs you can take on yourself.

How much value do new windows add to a home?

Installing double glazing can absolutely boost the value of your home – sometimes to the tune of thousands of pounds.

Not only do new windows look better, but they will also be more energy efficient – meaning buyers can be certain their bills will be lower.

When installing new windows, however, always stick to what works in your kind of property.

For instance, if you have a Georgian property, modern, double-glazed sash windows will maintain the character of your home while also providing that added energy efficiency.

Does a new front door add value to your house?

While a new front door is a relatively inexpensive addition to your property, it can add value to your home – and play its part in securing you a quick sale.

And according to research the colour of your front door can add as much as £4,000 to the value of your property.

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