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How to add kerb appeal to your home… and add value at the same time

How to add kerb appeal to your home… and add value at the same time

How often do you meet someone for the first time and form an impression on how they look? 

Be honest…

We all do it, or are guilty of doing it, from time to time.

And it’s often that first impression that is hardest to get over, even if you end up completely wrong about someone.  

It’s no different with property. 

If you’re selling your home, buyers will arrive outside and form an instant impression – no matter how amazing your home is on the inside.

And that’s why kerb appeal matters.

Take a look at your property with independent eyes. What would your impression be if you turned up outside for the first time? 

Would you buy it? 

If the answer’s ‘no’, or even ‘probably not’, you should think about how you can give your home’s kerb appeal a lift.

Thankfully there are a host of things you can do to turn your property from a frog into prince. Here are some great kerb appeal ideas…


9 Kerb Appeal Ideas to Add Value to Your Home


1. A lick of paint or some proper pointing

The first thing buyers will assess when they arrive to view your property is how well it has been looked after.

If your home looks rundown or unkempt, right away they will almost certainly be put off.

Even those happy to take on a ‘doer-upper’ could be tempted to turn around and drive away if your property’s appearance doesn’t match up with its asking price.

Give your home’s exterior a wash down if it’s looking a bit green and then a lick of paint on a dry day.

A crisp, white finish can look stunning on a rendered property and will really make your home stand out.

For brickwork, run the rule over the pointing and consider having it looked at. A freshly-pointed property can look really need and cared for.


2. A new front door

Even if you make a real statement with your freshly-painted property, if your crisp exterior is paired with a shabby front door, it won’t have the desired effect.

Front doors are real opportunity to make a statement, but think about your potential buyers and what would appeal to them before spending big on a new door.

Consider your home’s age, too, when picking a style.

Colour-wise, you can choose almost any shade for your door nowadays, but don’t go too wild unless your property can carry it off – and most importantly, it will appeal to buyers.


3. Invest in quality accessories

Often, it’s the little things that really stand out in the eyes of buyers.

That attention to detail that can really show someone your property is loved and looked after.

So, go for quality when choosing things like front door handles or knockers.

Plastic looks, well, plastic. So, always choose a metal accessory that complements the overall feel of your home’s exterior.

And always make sure the style is in keeping with your property’s age.


4. Light everything up

And by ‘up’, we mean ‘up’.

Once your property’s exterior is really shining in daylight, the next thing to do is to make it stand out once the sun has gone down.

A good estate agent will be flexible with buyers’ needs, which means in the darker months, when the UK is almost pitch black at 5pm, people may still want to view your property.

And you can make a real impression with brilliantly placed up-lighting to show off your property’s best external features.

Up-lighting can also make your home appear bigger and more grandiose.


5. Get your roof in order

Roofs are expensive to fix.

Which is probably why buyers put so much attention on them when purchasing a new home.

The last thing you’ll want is a potential buyer looking up and seeing broken tiles, or worse still, missing ones.

While you’re checking out the look of your roof, take some time to draft in a professional to clean your guttering, facias and soffits.

It’s a small spend, but a worthwhile one to really make your property’s exterior look spick and span.


6. Sharpen up those windows

Having your windows professionally cleaned on a regular basis while your property is on the market should be a given.

But there’s little point in having sparkly panes if your window surrounds have seen better days.

Most modern properties have uPVC windows, which means keeping the frames clean should be enough to make your frontage gleam.

But if you’re lucky enough to live in an older property with sash windows or wooden frames, you might have to work a little harder to bring out the best in them.

The plus point is period homes and features remain as popular as ever, so if you can make yours sing, it can aid a quick sale as well as add value to your home.

Clean your wooden frames with soap, water and a soft cloth and allow to dry.

Then lightly sand back the current coat of paint or stain to remove any dirt or dust and apply a fresh coat.


7. Add shutters

Okay, so we know this isn’t an external addition.

But the sight of crisp white shutters on the inside will almost certainly appeal to buyers forming that crucial first impression.

Shutters just look great, don’t they?

They’ll also add great privacy to the inside of your property – something else that is sure to appeal to buyers.


8. Spruce up your garden

Even the smallest of front gardens can make a difference to your home’s kerb appeal – but only if presented in the right way.

Front gardens are often neglected, simply because most people don’t sit out in their front garden during the warmer months.

But a well-manicured front garden can make a hugely positive impression on buyers.

Make sure any lawn areas are mowed and edged neatly, while hedges or bushes should be trimmed back.

And if you’re selling in the colder months, make sure you give pathways or your driveway a jet wash and clear away any moss or leaves.


9. Be symmetrical

If you turned up to a house viewing and there was only one hanging basket on one side of the front door, you’d notice it wouldn’t you.

And if your potential buyers are equally as irritated by this, it won’t be a good start to their viewing.

We jest, of course, but making sure things are matched up at the front of your house can make a real difference to its appearance.

So, if you have hanging baskets, make sure they are matching on either side and do the same for any plant pots either side of your front door.

We hope these ideas help you to impress any potential buyers. If you have any questions on selling your property, feel free to give your local Parkers office a call.