Ten Simple Space Savers For Your Home

Ten Simple Space Savers For Your Home
We'd all like a property of palatial proportions. Unfortunately, the reality for most of us is that we must make the best of what we've got. However, there are some simple and cost effective hacks you can implement without any major renovations, which can help make your property appear larger - a tidy space is a tidy mind, after all!

Here we have trawled Pinterest for the best space saving home hacks, it's a tough job!

Folding/Sliding Doors

By installing folding or sliding doors, you could essentially free up, around one square meter of floor space.

Under Bed Storage
There are many cost-effective storage trunks available that will save you time, space and effort when trying to find and store things. Vacuum-pack bags are also useful to store clothes, cushions and blankets in a fraction of the space!

Integrated Kitchen Extras
Upgrade as many kitchen extras as your lifestyle needs - and can afford. Smaller and awkwardly shaped kitchens can pose a myriad of issues. However, with a few clever items you can make these spaces work phenomenally well. Carousel corner cupboards, pull-out skinny spice racks, built-in plate racks, magnetic wall strips, and 'hidden' drawers and tables all make for a wonderfully functional space.

Updated Sofa Bed
Throw away the futon and make space for a fabulous sofa bed. Today there are many designs that cater to the design conscious, which wouldn't look out of place in an artist's living room, whilst being durable, and, function perfectly as a bed to boot. Sweet dreams!

Specially Commissioned Wardrobes
These can be expensive, but will pay for themselves in time not wasted looking for things. Do you have a lot of ties, shoes, jewellery, makeup, dresses, suits or underwear? Specially crafted nooks and crannies mean that there can be a place for everything, freeing up space in the room. An added benefit of specialist wardrobes is that they're fitted into any space, so you utilise even more space by not missing any difficult corners! If your budget won't stretch that far, Ikea have some wonderful space-saving add-ons you can incorporate to your existing wardrobe set up, or you could build your own from scratch!

Stylish and practical, ottomans can be put in many places around the home to save space. In the hallway they can be used to store shoes and also serve as a seat to put on shoes. In the living room, use to store books, games or just about anything. Again, it can double up as an extra seat for guests. In the bedroom you can use an ottoman to store spare covers, throws, cushions and bedding, and it makes a somewhat regal statement when perched at the foot of your bed!

Stairs Drawers
We are in love with this idea. Yes, it will be expensive and yes it will be a big project to undertake, but boy are the results awe-inspiring! Why did we not think of stair storage in this way before?!

Shoe Racks
Behind the door in your hallway or as a rack under your coats. Whichever design you choose, shoe storage is cost effective and saves lots of space. (Not to mention time when trying to find a matching pair!)

Arm Chair Coffee Table

As innovative as it is cool. No room for a side table? Simply hook on this wonderful design to set down your cup of tea, book or iPad. An added bonus is that it will save the arm of your chair from stains, wear and tear as well as fading.

Over-Balcony Table
For those with balconies, this is a must-do! Save precious floor space whilst not having to compromise on a perch for your well-deserved glass of red in the evening. You can find such tables to suit any budget.

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